Taylor's Bunion (Bunionette)

A Tailor's bunion can also be referred to as a bunionette. A Tailor's bunion is simply an enlargement of the fifth metatarsal bone at the base of the little toe. Tailor's bunions are not as common as regular bunions, however they are similar in symptoms and causes.

Symptoms include Redness, swelling, and pain and enlargement at site. These symptoms occur when wearing shoes that rub against the site, irritating the soft tissue under the skin. Tailors bunions are generally an inherited trait, made worse by wearing improper shoes.

Although Tailor's bunions are easy to see, your podiatrist may order an X-ray to get a better look at how progressed the bunion is. Shoe modifications may also be necessary, along with anti-inflammatory medication. Icing, padding, or injections are also treatment regimens for Tailor's bunion. Only after all other options have been exhausted, will surgery become an option. Your podiatrist can offer more information on Tailor's bunions.

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