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Physical Therapy Dayton Springfield Ohio

Our On Site Physical Therapy at Community Foot Specialists


Here at Community Foot Care we take great pride in getting you healthy and back to your healthy lifestyle as quickly as possible. In order to provide a more comprehensive approach to your health and recovery, we have opened our own physical therapy centers in our Springfield and Vandalia offices. In any recovery process, it is essential to have a team of doctors and healthcare professionals working closely together to deliver the best foot care possible to you.


Scott Pritt, our highly educated and experienced licensed physical therapist, is dedicated to getting you recovered as quickly and efficiently as possible. Scott meets with our doctors regularly to develop treatments specific to each individual patient. Our fully stocked physical therapy facilities are equipped with the tools required to train and re-train muscles and tendons in your body.


Physical therapy is essential in a full recovery plan for many reasons. Adding physical therapy to your treatment plan usually results in a faster recovery. It will prevent more costly treatments in the future, and it will save you money later if your condition worsens and requires time off of work.


Community Foot Care focuses on the health of the foot and ankle, however our Physical Therapist is trained in all treatment modalities from the head to the toe. Here is a list of the most common problems that we see here:

General Physical Therapy Services are to include:                                                  
* Occupational / Work Hardening              
* Theraputic Exercise
* Activities of Daily Living                        
* TMJ Rehabilitation
* Orthopedic Appliance                           
* McKenzie Program                               
* Gait Training
* Soft Tissue Mobilization
* Neuromuscular Re-Education / Balance Training
* Joint Mobilization 

Podiatric Therapy Services Include:
* Therapy Exercises                           
* Manual Therapy
* Therapy Activities                             
* Myofascial Activities         
* Manual Traction
* Neuromuscular Re-Education