Ganglion Cyst

A ganglion cyst is a mass of tissue that is filled with fluid. Generally it can be described as a knot or lump on the foot just under the skin. Cysts vary in size and often change sizes periodically. Usually a cyst will not be painful unless it is resting on a nerve or pressure point. A cyst maybe large enough to inhibit the comfort of shoes.

A cyst can sometimes be caused injury or trauma. Sometimes a cyst can be caused from something simple like dropping something on the foot or area where the cyst appears. 


Generally if a ganglion cyst is not causing pain or pressure, there is no need for surgery. In some cases shoes can be modified to accomodate the cyst. In other cases draining the fluid and treating with a steriod will take care of the cyst. Other cases, although rare, require surgery. Surgery ocurs only after all other treatments have been tried.